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Okay, raise your hand if you’;ve ever bought a pair of Baby Legs.

Keep your hand raised if you spent over $10 for them.

accent pillow case baby burlap outdoor

Yup, way too much.

(Now put your hand down…;…;.I can’;t see you anyway. :o))

I found this tutorial online to make them. Some parts of the directions are confusing, at least they were for me…;…;.so don’;t feel bad if you have to change it up a bit. I did and they turned out just fine. (okaymeaningful gifts for mom, now I realize that my directions might seem so foreign to some people…;…;and if they are, I’;m sorry. Please ask questions about anything, anytime.)

Click here for the directions.

****Sorry, that tutorial isn’;t available anymore, I found another one here.

Just click through the pictures and there are directions with each photo. If you’;re not familiar with looking at tutorials this way…;…;sometimes if you move your mouse over the picture, more directions will pop up.

Anyway, they turn out pretty cute…;…;.even for boys. And even if those boys have chubby legs.

Why use Baby Legs??

Okay, that’;s enough reasons.

Love them.

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