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Our favorite products to introduce each season are the ones that we’;ve designed?to solve a problem. There’;s nothing more rewarding?than hearing from our customers about an issue they have in their home and dreaming up?a way to fix it. That’;s precisely why we’;re so excited about?our Paulette Pantry Cabinet. This piece has a modest footprint but huge potential for keeping all your pantry items, cookware, serve ware, wine, and other kitchen necessities organized and on hand, but it also has huge potential outside of the kitchen too. In this post, we’;ll show you 3 ways to put our Paulette Pantry to work!

Obviously this cabinet was designed to be used in a kitchen or dining room to keep dry goods, serveware, and wine. All of the compartments we’;ve added to this piece are meant to pack as much storage space in as possible. The lower to shelves?slide out so nothing ever gets lost. The cubbies on the doors are perfect for oils, bottled water, and spicespersonalized gifts for mom, the adjustable shelves?ensure you’;ll be able to store whatever it is you have, and the wine sleeves at the top are perfect for keeping extra bottles on hand!

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And when the cabinet is closed, you can be sure this storage piece looks chic and timeless, with it’;s arched panel doors, delicate moulding, and sturdy handles.

But perhaps there are other things throughout your home that haven’;t quite found their place yet? With a little creative thinking, we think this freestanding cabinet would make a great solution for your craft storage too!

If you’;re looking to store your art supplies efficiently and without taking much room, our Paulette Pantry is a great tool! We filled this hardworking piece with fabric remnants, gift wrap, markers, pencils, paper products, design books, ?and even a message board and desktop organizer to keep things neat and tidy!

To create a small work surface, we removed?one of the shelves?so we could fit a magnetic message board. This way, we can pin up any magazine tears, fabric swatches, or inspiring photos for when the crafting mood strikes! Also on the shelf is a desktop organizer filled with papers, pens, scissors, paint, paper clips, and post-it notes!

Below the shelf, we used a 2-Drawer Paper Organizer to keep blank paper, card stock, and craft paper from getting damaged or rumpled. On the lower shelves we stored gift tags, ribbon, and twine, and in the drawer, we stored stationery. Using our Paulette Pantry and a few other clever storage accessories, we packed a TON of art and craft supplies into this cabinet. Everything is in its place and pretty too!

If your home doesn’;t have a linen closet, or?perhaps you need more storage in your bathroom, our Paulette Pantry is a great way to keeps things neat and tidy!

We stacked towels and sets of sheets neatly on the shelves, stored?hand towels and wash clothes rolled in the top cubbies, and used the shelves on the door for clothespins, linen sprays, spot cleaners, and extra bath supplies. We especially love storing these small things in the door because in a regular hall closet, these small items typically get lost in the back where its dark!

Everything from hand towels to tissue boxes to candles can fit neatly into the cabinet, even though it only takes up a small amount of floor space!

With growing families, busy?schedules, and bustling homes, it can be tricky to keep things organized, but we find that hardworking cabinets and storage systems are one way to ensure that everything has a home.

Browse the whole Paulette Collection here, and find more storage and organization ideas on our blog.

Home Decorating Ideas

This week we're going to bring you interior design ideas in plenty of time to prepare and adjust your home ready for the festive season. In today's post we're going to focus on living rooms as this will be the main room for relaxing and socialising, especially if your Christmas tree is in your living room.

Short of redecorating once a fortnight, the most visually impacting and cost effective way of creating adaptable space in your home is strategic use of lighting. What was once a mere afterthought, given consideration only out of necessity, lighting is now rightly recognized as a key feature to rank alongside the brand new settee or the fitted kitchen. Proper use of lighting can add drama and life, it can soothe or invigorate, in other words it is powerful enough to determine our moods. Lighting floods every inch of a room in whatever you want- a summer day, an gentle glow, a starry night, a spotlight to aim at anything you please. Can your settee do all of this?

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