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Like a regular hammock, a baby hammock is suspended with your baby off the ground in a material or canvas sheet. A baby hammock can be a simple as a sling attached to a metal frame.

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A baby hammock is designed to be a transition bed. This means that it is designed to get your baby used to sleeping on its own before it is moved to a larger crib bed. Most baby hammocks will only suit your baby for the first three months of its life.

A new parent will quickly discover that babies love being rocked to sleep. Experts believe the reason babies are calmed by swaying motions is because they associate the movements with what was experienced when they were nested in their mother’;s womb.

Due to the suspended design of baby hammocks, the bed will gently move with each wiggle of your baby. This is a great help for parents as a restless baby can quickly rock itself to sleep without your assistance.

The similarities to the womb do not end there. When placed in a baby hammock, your baby’;s body weight will pull the fabric inpersonalized gifts for mom, forming a snug cocoon. The cozy environment recreates the enclosed feeling of the womb. Some baby hammocks form such a tight cocoon that there is no need to swaddle.

A baby hammock will support your babies bodyweight evenly. The even body weight distribution will prevent your baby coming down with what is known as flat head syndrome.

If your baby suffers from colic or reflux then a baby hammock is a great option. Rather than the completely flat surface of a crib, the hammock design means that your baby sleeps in a slightly reclining position. Many mothers have praised baby hammocks for providing quick relief of reflux symptoms.

Baby hammocks are safe when used as intended. Just like every baby product, there are some things to be mindful of.

If you have other children you will not want them accidentally tipping the hammock over with your baby inside. It is best to place the baby hammock in a location that is not commonly used for the thoroughfare.

Pets, such as a large dog, can jump up and knock over a baby hammock. If you have pets like this it is best that you place the baby hammock in a walled off section of the house that is inaccessible to a pet.

Be mindful that baby hammocks are a temporary solution for sleep. Most hammocks are suitable for a baby up to three months old, this will obviously differ from brand to brand. Always check a baby hammocks instructions to see what weight it is capable of safely holding.

A baby too heavy can risk making the baby hammock unstable. As a result, the baby hammock could potentially fall through your baby wriggling around. Be sure to transition your baby to a crib when suitable.

Check out Amby baby hammocks. A popular provider of safe and comfortable baby hammocks.

Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

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