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Please welcome Creative Contributor, Colleen from Lemon Thistle as she shares this fun DIY Feather Invites Tutorial! She’;s been sharing a lot of Cricut Explore crafts, which I LOVE!

I’;m such a sucker for hand lettered details- there’;s something so special about an invitation or envelope or art that’;s been lettered by the giver.

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It’;s so personal! But sometimespersonalized gifts for mom, it’;s just not possible to letter your invites or envelopes if there’;s a bunch you’;re sending. So here’;s my new favorite shortcut using my Cricut Explore…; and I hope it will change your life as much as I’;m expecting it to change mine! ? ?

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Start by deciding what shape you would like your invitations. I used the feather template from my store, but you could choose any shape to fit your theme. I love invitations that are unique shapes- even circles make a great impact! Load that shape into your design editor and size. Delete one of the edges and set the layer to ‘;cut’; instead of ‘;print’;.

Layer your desired text in a handlettered style font over your shape. I used the Matchmaker font, but love Janda Stylish Script as a free alternative. Set the text layers to ‘;pen’; instead of print then attach each set (each feather with text) together as shown in the screencap.

You guys, this is magic. Just load up your machine with a sheet of paper and your silver pen and watch as it cuts and letters your invitations for you. Sip tea while you watch and imagine all the hand cramps you’;ve saved yourself.

When it’;s all done, punch a hole in one end of your invitation and tie a ribbon through the layers.

I love how the two shades of pink with the silver writing and bold ribbon turned out. I’;m thinking I’;ll be using this method to create invites for my kiddos birthday next month! Now I just have to decide on a theme for their party…;

What do you think? Will you be lettering everything this way from now on? I’;m certainly considering it!

See more creative ideas from Colleen!

Here is a quick instructable to help you design and create your very own bag full of handy pockets! I hope you will use this as a guideline to adapt and make a creative bag.Estimated time: 2-4hrs. depending on your sewing skillsMaterials used:Old worn-out cargo pantsBelt (to be the bag strap)Sewing machineScissors (heavy duty fabric scissors recommended)Measuring tapeChalk (optional, used to measuring and marking the fabric)I used almost all of the material from the pants including belt loops, pockets, and what I could salvage from the pant legs. So be careful when you are cutting and make sure you don't ruin something you might need later.

According to the British Sleep Foundation, people spend more time in the bedroom in their life time, then any other room in the house. It is surprising then that, after attic and basement rooms, the bedroom is the most neglected when it comes to interior design. Whatever the reasons for this are, focusing some time and effort on the bedroom can actually reap rewards in the future.

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