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Do you ever get creative ideas while sleeping?

Ever have a dream so vivid you thought you were watching a movie? Hollywood director James Cameron did, and that dream inspired the movie character and film of the same name, “;The Terminator.”;

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Or consider the famous Rolling Stones song, “(I Can’;t Get No) Satisfaction.”; Keith Richards not only dreamed the opening verse one night, but woke up to find that he had tape recorded it.

According to a poll commissioned by the meditation and sleep app Calm, these are just two of the best ideas either inspired by a dream or conceived during sleep.

You don’;t have to be a movie director or musician to come up with a great idea. Sleep-storming is for everyone, says Peter Freedmanpersonalized gifts for mom, the man behind the term. Freedman is a UK-based ideas consultant. He has been thinking, writing about, and teaching creativity and idea generation for 20 years, helping others come up with their own ideas by facilitating brainstorms for them.

Most recently, Freedman has worked closely with Calm, thinking and learning more about sleep and sleeping, including, he says, “how and why sleep is arguably the greatest single source of creativity.”;

“Or,”; he continues, “as Marcel Proust, the great French writer put it, ‘;sleep is the only source of invention.’; ”;

As part of his work, Freedman facilitates brainstorming for his clients.

“If there’;s a user-friendly term for generating ideas while you’;re awake, there should also be one for doing likewise while you’;re asleep,”; he states, explaining the reasoning behind the term “;sleep-storming.”; It’;s certainly a much snappier phrase than the scientific term, “;structured unconscious generative ideation.”;

For Freedman, sleep-storming is not simply a catchy marketing tool, but also about harnessing the process of being creative while you sleep.

Like diet and exercise, quality sleep is essential for optimal health and professional performance. Because everyone’;s sleep needs are different, Sleep Number? beds adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support. Find your Sleep Number? setting for your best possible night’;s sleep.

Amongst today’s most influential industrial designers and one of the few modern day designers able to hold his own with the legendary names of the past, Jasper Morrison is an English product and furniture designer extraordinaire Born in London but brought up in New York, United States, Morrison was educated at Bryanston School. He received a Bachelor of Design degree from Kingston Polytechnic Design School in 1982 and a Masters degree in Design from the Royal College of Art, London, in 1985. He also studied at the Berlin University of the Arts, formerly the Hochschule der Künste.

So happy to have Cami back from “Tidbits”, sharing an adorable Pottery Barn hack!? I mean come on, this simple little sign would be absolutely perfect in any ol’ room in the house!? So in love! :)

Last weekend I went on a little adventure in New York City with my family. ?My husband and I both went for work, and with the holiday weekend and the end of school near we decided it would be a good time to take the kids to see the City. I have only been to NYC one other time 11 years ago, so I felt like it was all new to me too.

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